Streaming quality on different devices

For best quality video streaming make sure that your system is prepaired. Please test your system before the event to make sure that you get uniterrupted service.

We are aware of issues with the following devices:
- Smart TV : The web browsers in the Smar TV are usuaally low quality and not working properly. Solution: Please use HDMI cable to connect from your computer and stream to your TV.
- Chromcast wireless streaming to your TV: It may have interrupted service, please use HDMI connection instead.
- Old iPhones may be too slow for proper broadcast
- Tablets need to be fast, we are aware of issues with Lenovo Tablet.

Data speed: Please test your speed on You should have at least 5Mbit/sec for decent streaming. Digital line quality may vary depending on your Internet provider. Fiber Optics providers are more reliable, Cable TV providers have shared lines so bandwidth may vary on how many people are online at the time of streming in your shared line.

Updated on: 11/12/2020

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